Nicola Johnson Make Up Portfolio

Nicola Johnson Make Up Portfolio
Sydney Make Up Artist

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

VAMFF - Makeup for Frankie - runway 3

Stylist – Emily Ward
Key Points - Perfect matte clean base, Toned down brows, Sketched black liner above socket, Natural nude matte lip

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VAMFF - Makeup for Elle runway show 4

VAMFF - Makeup for Elle runway show 4 
StylistEmma Read
Key points – taupe contoured eye, create depth & shape, dewy illuminated skin, soft defined brow, nude lip with a hint of shine. Focus on lashes.

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VAMFF - Makeup for Cosmopolitan Runway show 5

VAMFF - Makeup for Cosmopolitan Runway show 5 
Stylist – Nicole Adolphe

Key points - Graphic black liner winged, Matte skin, polished brow, nude lip

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Love Sydney makeup artist 

VAMFF - DAY 1 - Make-up for Miss Vogue

I am in Melbourne for the week as part of the L'oreal makeup Team for VAMFF 2014 (Virgin Australia Fashion Festival), this year we are lucky to have the fabulous Elsa Morgan as the new makeup Director for the festival. I am very excited to be part of the team, it's going to be a crazy week, expect to see bold lips, statement brows and lots of graphic eyeliner!

Show 1 - Miss Vogue - Styled by Mark Valasso

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Friday, 7 March 2014

Underwater Makeup - Gravity DVD Release

Check out the final shots from the underwater Photo shoot I did with Photographer Cal Mero, Models Caesi, Tori & Pierre-Louis George.

We were asked by Adhesive PR on behalf of client Warmer Bro's to create everyday situations underwater to give the feel that the models were in zero gravity, in conjunction with the release of the Gravity DVD starting Sandra Bullock & George Clooney.

Hair & Makeup by Sydney Makeup Artist
Photography - Cal Mero 

Skincare used - Dermalogica
Makeup used - Dior 
Haircare - Redken

Sydney Makeup Artist 
Sydney Makeup Artist
Sydney Makeup Artist

Sydney Makeup Artist

Beauty note - Featured lipstick - Diorific - in Dolce Vita 

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Monday, 3 March 2014

BTS - Gravity DVD Release - Underwater shoot

I flew down to Melbourne last month for an Underwater Photo shoot in conjunction with the release of the Gravity 
DVD release. Underwater fashion photographer Cal Mero was behind the lens and ventran underwater models Tori Bellentina & Caesi Sweet along with male model Pierre-Louis George Christensen tore up the water to create some amazing images - Coming soon! 

Check out some behind the scene photos - 
Tool of the trade 
Sydney Makeup Artist 

Cal Mero in Action 

Diorshow Fusion Mono Long-Wear Professional Mirror-Shine Eyeshadow

Caesi Sweet 

Tori Bellentia 

Underwater Ninja & Tori 

Tori Love's Dior! 

Skin care - Dermalogica 
Makeup - Dior 
Hair care - Redken 

Makeup for makeup artists - Tip's for underwater makeup. 

I always start any makeup but prepping the models skin, this is so important when shooting underwater. The chlorine in swimming pools can reek havoc with the models skin so spending a few minutes massaging moisturiser into the skin, you will stimulate the blood and plump the skin, making your make-up look better, last longer and prevent the skin form drying out (and your models will love you for it) i recommend Diorflash primer.

The make-up needs to be strong, the colours bold and well defined, just like stage makeup.. Avoid over blending your colours together especially the eyeshadows as you can loose definition. The contrasts between the colours you choose will stand out more underwater, if left slightly unblended. The same goes for contouring and highlighting, if you don’t shape and define features you run the risk of your models face looking flat; use creams and pan sticks for this. Shade the jawline, under the cheekbones, and temples using a cream or panstick 2 shades darker, and highlight the actual cheekbone, down the nose, and cupids bow, but this time you want to blend. 

When it comes to adding colour, I recommend grease paints. Grease paint is a special type of face and body paint made of oil or crème, pigment, and zinc oxide. One of the great things about grease paint is its coverage; it’s made for maximum coverage and has deep opacity, giving excellent colour pay off.  My favorite brand to use is again Kryolan; Aquacolor and Supercolour. There are so many fabulous colours to try, including metallic, and you can use on eyes, cheeks and lips, It stays on and gives excellent colour payoff. You can blend the colours together, mix them for your colours in between.

To powder or not to powder? this is a question I get asked a lot, it really depends on how many looks you want to do. If I am doing just the one look then I powder really well, using a basic loose translucent powder, use a puff and really press it into the models face, supporting the neck as you do, just as you would with theater make-up.
powdering the skin will cause the makeup to look a bit patchy after a while, unfortunately this is the nature of underwater shooting. Left un-powdered the makeup can be re-blended and more makeup can be added, this works really well with the pan sticks.

If you did want to use powdered eye shadows then choose ones with a very high pigment or pure pigments themselves, and always use them over your creams, as they will not stand out on their own.  I love Ben Nye “pallet Grande Lumiere Palette” for this; develop your look as you would do on a regular shoot by building up the makeup for each outfit change I would start of with a beauty look and then advance to a more high fashion look.

If you want to use Mascara then obviously use a waterproof one, however be warned that it still may smudge. Recommend that the model get an eyelash tint before the shoot and skip the mascara. A great eyeliner to try for underwater shoot is the Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner, which you can get in a variety of colours, you could also use this as mascara with a disposable wand.

I like to set the makeup with Kryolan fixing spray, always ensure the models eyes and mouth are closed, and spritz over the skin, If you decide not to change your makeup and are just going for one look through-out the shoot then I would advise setting with a powder and then the fixing spray.

To remove greasepaint makeup you will need to use and oil based remover to break down and gently dissolve the makeup. I always use Kryolan’s Hydro Makeup remover oil. It is a hydrophilic cleansing oil which will remove all cream and grease make-up. Massage into the skin and rinse with warm water, the model can do this in the shower with a facecloth.

Monday, 17 February 2014

The best lip brush ever

A perfect red lip can be trick to nail as a budding makeup artist, and even as an accomplished artist we occasionally have an unsteady hand. They say a good workman never blames his tools - but i say when you have 20 red lips to do in zero time during fashion week, anything that you can do to make it easier the better! 

I have use a lot of lip brushed in my time as a make artist, recently i came across the Shu Uemura lip brush - The Kolinsky 7h - A medium, flat-headed brush made with soft yet firm bristles. perfect for outlining the lip, can also be used for eyeliner. 

You can use the round part of the brush to create the perfect shape of the cupids bow - i am now in lipstick heaven! 

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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Makeup for TV commercials

One of my Favourite Jobs at the moment is working on the Nick Scali TV commercials, we usually do 5-6 different set up's & hair and makeup changes each day. The clothes are always beautiful and I have free reign with hair and makeup. Our stunning model Jesse brings it all to life, check out some BTS photos from a recent shoot.

Director - Brett Danton
Production - Maven
Stylist - Suzanne King
Hair & Makeup - Sydney Makeup Artist 

Brett taking stills 

Vintage hair set - sydney makeup artist 

Hair styling by Sydney makeup artist using Redken 
Makeup by Sydney makeup artist using MAC 


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

JOE HILDEBRAND for Womans weekly

Check out the shots from the shoot I did for woman's weekly magazine recently with haliarious new Studio 10 presenter Joe Hildebrand, his gorgeous wife and new bub.

Photography - Kristina Soljo

Styling -Jamela Duncan 

Hair & makeup - Sydney Makeup Artist 

Sydney Makeup Artist

Joe's Grooming
Skin - Dermalogica's Daily clean scrub (men's Range)
Dermalogica's - Daily defense (men's Range)
Dermalogica's - Multi vitamin power firm  - around the eye's

Concealer  - Mac palette in Medium
Powder - Prep & prime

Hair Styling 
Redken  - Wool shake - perfect for Joes wild hair!

Tara's Hair & makeup 
Skin - Dermalogcia's skin smoothing cream
Dermalogica's - Multi vitamin power firm  - around the eye's
Dermalogica skin perfect primer spf 30 

Dior - Dior skin -forever foundation
Eyes - Dior eyeshadow 5 colours palette 743
Mascara - Diorshow
Lips - Diorific - Diva

Lashes - Kitten by Lash Republic 

Hair Styling
Prep - Redken - Satinwear 
Smooth - Redken Glasslook 
Set - Redken - Fashion works hairspray

Enjoy! Love Sydney Makeup Artist xx